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GeneKor’ s Scientific Team has over 15 years of experience in cancer genetics and has performed thousands of hereditary cancer tests. The HerediGENE test is designed in order to have a very high sensitivity and specificity. All the findings from the analysis of each patient’s sample are classified by using the most reliable and updated databases.


Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment: Is it Important?

Knowledge of the risk for hereditary cancer provides physicians with several different options for the management of a patient:

  • International management guidelines are available for a number of syndromes associated with hereditary cancer predisposition.
  • Dramatic reduction in the occurrence of primary tumors can be achieved.
  • International guidelines recognize the value of the use of hereditary gene panels.
  • Novel targeted therapy drugs have been and are being developed. They are designed to target the specific mutated protein, individualizing the treatment of the patients.

Individualized Management

Risk Reduction

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