GeneKor is multinational molecular diagnostics company founded in 2007 and operates molecular biology laboratories with state of the art equipment suitable  to provide the highest quality of Molecular Services . We provide a diversification of services focused on improving patient care utilizing the latest technologies  of prognostic, predictive, and personalized medicine.

The clinical expertise of GeneKor focuses on: 

  • Response to Targeted Therapy 
  • Pharmacogenetics 
  • Determination of Hereditary Cancer  (Breast Cancer , Colon Cancer , Thyroid Cancer , Pancreatic Cancer , etc.)
  • Diagnosis of Non-Hereditary Cancer 
  • New Unique Technological Platforms (OncotypeDX Breast™, OncotypeDX Colon™, OncotypeDX Prostate™, PCA3™, RosettaGX Cancer Origin™) 
  • Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases 
  • Diagnosis of Pathogenic Microorganisms at  the Molecular Level

The specialized laboratories of GeneKor are accredited with ISO 15189:2012 (Cert. No. 822) by ESYD and certified with ISO 9001:2008 (Cert. No. 041150049) by TUV NORD as well as the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN* ) and the National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS*).  GeneKor is staffed  by board certified internationally recognized and published scientists and doctors who are able to provide analysis and recommendations to physicians and their patients. Therefore, GeneKor is in position to carry out all existing molecular biology assays. GeneKor offers to the treating physicians of various specialties tools to individualize their patients’ treatment needs.

At GeneKor, we are devoted at offering services of the highest quality, by constantly monitoring the scientific developments in the health sector, updating our laboratory equipment and maximizing our levels of accuracy and reliability. 

GeneKor is actively establishing its international presence with an ultimate goal to extend its collaborations in more countries. Our strategic goal is the constant incorporation of new technology platforms and assays in order to always provide the most up-to-date, reliable and cutting edge tools to the treating physicians.

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