Individualized Management

Modern medicine allows for the individualized management of patients found to carry a mutation in genes involved in hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes both on the surgical approach and the medication level. Based on most international guidelines, the surgical treatment of patients that have a pathogenic mutation must be different from any other patient in order to reduce the risk of developing another cancer dramatically.

In addition, there are new drugs called targeted treatments that are designed specifically for patients with such mutations.

Risk Reduction

Both patients and healthy individuals that are carriers of pathogenic mutations have options for reducing the risk of developing cancer or avoiding the development of a second primary tumor. 

Combining the advancements in surgery and screening with the knowledge of the predisposition associated with each of the genes analyzed, the risk of developing cancer can be reduced by more than 90%. The actionable report of HerediGENE allows both patients and physicians to actively manage and reduce the risk of developing cancer based on the unique genetics of each person.

It's a family issue...

In addition, the possibility that this mutation will be passed on to the next generations is 50%. However, there are reproductive options which should be discussed with the physician, in order to reduce the risk of transmitting the mutation and associated cancer risk to the offspring.

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