Your Genes Speak, We Translate.

Your Genes Speak,
We Translate.

HerediGENE® is an assay that fully analyzes a panel of 36 genes, including BRCA1 and BRCA2, which are associated with increased risk of developing breast, ovarian, colon and other hereditary cancer syndromes.

 It identifies those family members at risk of developing cancer who can benefit from risk reduction management.

 It detects gene mutations that may pass increased cancer risk to your children.

 It identifies the family members that do not carry the pathogenic mutation that was detected in the family, relieving them of the stress of developing hereditary cancer or foregoing unnecessary interventions

International Guidelines for Multi-Gene Testing

The latest international guidelines (ASCO, ESMO, NCCN and American Society of Breast Surgeons) strongly recommend, instead of BRCA1/2 only, the use of multi-gene panels for a better coverage of the gene variants associated with an increased risk of breast, prostate, colon, pancreatic, ovarian cancer etc.