The Process of Hereditary Cancer Test 

brca gene mutation

Order the test

Ask your physician if you are eligible for the HerediGENE® test.

Sign the consent form.

Click to download the consent form.

Click to download the family history form.

Sample requirements

A blood sample is required for this test (2 EDTA vials). Your sample will be collected per your physican’s instructions. Click to download sample requirment.

Saliva sample that you gather as specified in the instructions manual. Watch the video here.

Analysis Process

Your sample will arrive to our accredited laboratory and your report will be generated and released to you and your physician in 25 working days.


Your report will electronically be released to your physician via email and/or uploaded to our secure portal and to you via email or mail.

The latest international guidelines (ASCO, ESMO, NCCN and American Society of Breast Surgeons) strongly recommend, instead of BRCA1/2 only, the use of multi-gene panels for a better coverage of the gene variants associated with an increased risk of breast, prostate, colon, pancreatic, ovarian cancer etc.